Project Management — How Busy Is Your Life?

We are always running somewhere.
You have your day job, your family, your friends, your hobbies…

We are handeling 1.000 things during the day.
Most of us have a very demanding day job. Coming home, we have the job of a husband/mother/father/partner. It never seems to stop!

Some days we have everything under control, other days we don’t.
You can easily be overwhelmed by all your tasks.

Many years ago I found out that I have two jobs.
The first one is my day job where I’m very structured and productive.
The second job is my private life (Father, brother, husband…). Here I was most of the time not really productive. I missed appointments with the family, I forgot to call my friends and the garage filled up with lots of stuff.

I often thought about problems at work when i should be concentrating on my family.
I was physically present but mentally not.

So I made an easy an effective decision to get the control back of my private life!

-> I decided to structure my privat life similar to my first job.
When I plan my workday in the morning I plan also my spare time for the rest of the day.

This changed everything!

Since then:

  • I never miss an important appointment with my family.
  • I’m always punctual at family celebrations
  • I don’t forget birthdays anymore
  • I have time to play with my children every evening
  • My garage is tidy
  • I do sports regularly
  • I meet friends regularly
  • I hardly watch TV anymore

So a lot of geed things happened when I started to be more structured with my private life.
I often wonder why I didn’t do this sooner. Maybe I thought I need to rest after work and let everything around me happen.

So if you really want to have a fullfilled life you need to actively take care about your private life.
You don’t need to plan every single detail for your evening. Just a few major things to keep up with private topics and family stuff.

Have fun!

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