Don’t avoid the Pain!

Try to remember when you did your best work in life.
Was that when you were laying on the coach for hours and watched Netflix?

When was your potential the greatest?
Or have you not yet reached your full potential?

We need to know that our infinite potential exists on the other side of our comfort zone.
The only way to break through to that infinite potential is to CONTROL the PAIN, learn to love it and use it as a catalyst for your growth. Easier said than done, but it works.

When I look back at the biggest milestones in my life, the best successes have always come with pain.

For example, I took over a large customer project when the project had already hit the wall. After countless painful customer meetings and discussions, I still managed to complete the project successfully.

But that only worked because I didn’t avoid confrontation and looked for solutions. I could have also told my boss that it wasn’t my fault that the project was so bad and couldn’t be saved.
After all, my predecessor is to blame.

I did not take this easy path and was rewarded for it in the end.
Since all superiors, even from other departments, were surprised by my performance and commitment, I was offered a management position after this crazy project.

Nobody likes pain.
But you can only win if you face the pain and don’t try to avoid it or blame someone else for it.
Don’t run!

I have always asked myself the question:
What is the worst thing that can happen to you?
Take 10 minutes and write down the absolute worst case scenario.

Then you will quickly realize that the situation is not as hopeless as you thought.

The more you face painful challenges, the more you will get used to them.

Start tomorrow with something you are actually afraid of.
Find something in your job or in your personal life that you want to tackle even though you are not comfortable with it.

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