4 ways to increase productivity as a project manager

Simple productivity tips to help you get things done

There are only 24 hours a day. We can use those time wisely and be productive or we can waste it watching Netflix or playing computer games.

 I’m not sure about you, but I prefer to be most of the time productive and get things done.

It isn’t rocket science to be more productive at work, but it necessitates being more careful about managing your time. This article will lead you through five simple effective ways to boost your workplace productivity

1 – Do your important tasks first in the morning

We all have so many tasks on our list. One mistake is doing the easy tasks first and skip the the uncomfortable important tasks for later.
We usually have the most energy in the morning. When you use all that good energy for the easy and unimportant stuff you will struggle to work with less energy on the important tasks.

I always start my day with one unimportant task to warm myself up. Then I switch immediately to the important things. This routine keeps me going and let me concentrate on things which needs to be done.

2 – Create Deadlines for Your Day

One thing that helps us finish anything is creating a deadline. When you have work that may not need to get done right away, but you want it done to get it off your desk, create a deadline.

I have always deadlines for tasks which needs to be finished in the morning and tasks who should be completed till the end of the day.

3 – Avoid Meetings

There are several studies saying that only 15% of meetings are productive. The remaining 85% is waste of time. This is true based on my experience.

I think the main reason why we have so many meetings through the day is because it’s easy to invite for a meeting these days. It’s just another email and you can easily invite 10 people and also check on outlook when they have free time to meet.

In general try to avoid meetings. You know there are these meetings which are totally unproductive for you and there are a few meetings which bring progress to the project.

Send your status for the unproductive meetings right before and let them know that you can not join. I bet you can get rid of 40% of your schedule if you look for these unproductive meetings and cancel them.

4 – Remove Distractions

Turn off notifications!
Set your phone across the room. Close the door to your room. Close your internet browser. Turn off your company messaging app. Turn in general off all your email notifications.

Shut down the window of your email program. Open outlook only if you need it.

Turn off things that interrupt your workflow for a set time and get deep work done.

Final Thoughts on Productivity at Work

Allow yourself to grow and gain new skills, and you can be sure that your productivity will improve as well.

Don’t try to be the super productive. Strat slowly.
Try only 1-2 new things to be more productive.
But do this things consistently.

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