Career acceleration

„Accelerate with German Efficiency“


Career growth doesn't happen by mistake

It happens when you upgrade your mindset, execute the right strategy, and build systems for rapid growth.

you don't deserve a raise for doing your job.
You get paid to do your job.

What’s holding you back from the life
and career you want?

  • “I am smart and work really hard – but I am not getting ahead in my career.”
  • “Over time, I have seen less competent peers rise ahead of me. It is frustrating!”
  • “I work remote and do not sit in headquarters. How do I make sure I am not forgotten by those in control?”
  • “I do my job extremely well and my role is critical at my company.. but I usually only get attention when things go wrong
  • “How can I build my reputation as a thought leader or recognized go-to-person in my company?
  • “I am a woman and feel I get bypassed or overlooked at my company because of that.


A 6-Month career acceleration mentoring program

This Career masterclass will help you:

Stop working more hours and start working smarter: more isn’t always better. You need to think strategically and focus on work that moves the needle.

Get seen, get heard and be perceived as the high performer you are: build a killer reputation that opens doors and gets you a seat at the table.

Continuously level up and be recognized for your potential: Qualify yourself for the next level in your career BEFORE you get there to grow personally and professionally.

Build a career and life you love on your terms: cast your career vision, level up, make an impact, and design the career of your dreams.

Customers reviews

Sina has been waiting for a promotion for 4 years! 5 month in the Masterclass - she got the promotion and became a people's manager. Instead of waiting and hoping she used this opportunity to make her case for a promotion and got it!
"I secured a promotion from my current company and I'm getting my first direct report, earlier than expected. I can't believe everything happened so quickly once I took control of my career and started taking action".
Sina Dawson
Data Science Manager
Claire was crushing it at work, but she couldn't see herself growing to the next level in her career. Following our 1:1 coaching sessions to build up her confidence and remove her limiting beliefs she not only secured the promotion but actually negotiated the offer and got what she wanted!
Program Manager
Peter has always been a high achiever. He worked tirelessly to add value but that wasn't always enough. Once he learned to focus on outcomes, prioritize his time, advocate for himself and ask for what he wanted - new doors opened up quickly.
Peter Levi
Thomas helped me start a new role with a bang, deliver valuable quick wins, and build strong relationships with my colleagues. He has also given me the tools and confidence to take precise aim at my career aspirations."
Mike Francis
Product Manager


A 6-Month career acceleration mentoring program

You will learn:

Personal Brand & Market value 
Learn how to showcase your skills and consistently increase your image and value.

Productivity & Time Management
Learn how to significantly increase your productivity and the quality of your results through effective time management.

Career Planning
Design your career strategy and action plan according our sheets and planning tools

Opportunity Digger
Design your career strategy and action plan according our sheets and planning tools

Mindset & Psychology
Learn how to create the optimal mental and physical conditions to become a true leader.

Conversation Techniques & Negotiation
Learn how to influence conversations with your employer and customers in your favor through smart argumentation and negotiation techniques.

Focus & Execution
Focus on the outcomes and concentrate on the important tasks with high value for your company

Everything you'll get when you join our Masterclass

1:1 coaching with me: We’ll meet once a week for the first 3 month and then bi-weekly to work on your personal plan. You’ll get a tailored roadmap to support your unique goals and build on your strength. We’ll also work on your mindset and work through your daily challenges.

Additional Video Trainings: You will gain access to many different video trainings. There, you will learn advanced knowledge about strategy, planning, productivity, negotiation, personal branding, and communication.

Plug and Play templates: I don’t want you to waste time creating PowerPoint presentations or struggling with spreadsheets.
Every tracker and document, you’ll need to grow your career is available for you so you can easily execute and see results. Just plug and play.

Availability and Support: I am available daily via messenger for urgent questions, and short-notice Zoom calls are possible. You have my full support.

What Our Clients Say

The coaching was a very worthwhile investment for me. The sessions provided step-by-step guidance that helped me recognize my strengths, set my priorities, and not only envision my goals but also start planning for them. I needed this course to establish the roadmap I want to follow for my career.
Thank you, Thomas!
Abigail Brooks

At first, I had doubts about whether career mentoring was truly worth it. However, looking back, I am extremely thrilled and grateful that I took this step. The coaching was engaging, and I learned what truly matters when it comes to personal growth. My supervisor also noticed my progress, and I finally received the salary increase I had been waiting for. 

Daniel Muller

Thomas opened my eyes. I had never understood why I wasn’t getting promoted. After just a few weeks in the career mentoring program, I knew exactly what I needed to do to advance in my company. With the learned skills and planning tools, nothing is stopping my further career progression. I am truly glad that I took the masterclass; otherwise, I would continue to stagnate in the company for the next few years.

Luna Simonds

Payment Plan

2750 $ 2000
  • 1:1 Coaching with Thomas
  • Weekly coaching sessions
  • 6-Month Career Mentoring
  • Tools & Templates included
  • Payment plan possible

Career Acceleration Masterclass
„Accelerate with German Efficiency“


I cannot guarantee you a promotion, but I can teach you everything to greatly increase your chances of a successful career advancement.

On average, my clients achieve a salary increase of 7% or more within one year. The costs of coaching are quickly recovered through these gains!

With the tools, skills, and strategies you are acquiring in the Masterclass, you will become unstoppable for the future.

I promise you that we will significantly advance your professional career, and we will do so in a short amount of time. However, be aware that it requires stepping out of your comfort zone. This whole process only works with your commitment.

Through the Masterclass, you will become visible to the decision-makers in your company. Your supervisors will take note of your good work, and you will stand out with many positive attributes.

Your stress level will decrease because with a smart time management system, you will have control over all your tasks and emails.

I promise you that we will significantly advance your professional career, and we will do so in a short amount of time. However, be aware that it requires stepping out of your comfort zone. 

This coaching is right for you if one or more of the following statements resonate with you:

  • You want to progress in your career but are unsure of how to do so.
  • You feel that there is more potential within you than you are currently tapping into.
  • You often find that work is not enjoyable for you.
  • The day frequently passes by without accomplishing what you set out to do.
  • You do not receive the recognition and appreciation you desire and deserve.
  • You have been waiting for months or even years for a salary increase, but nothing seems to happen.

About Me

There is no career manual or a guide to professional success in any company. For a long time, as an engineer, I didn’t know what really mattered when it came to advancing my career.

After 15 years of experience as a development engineer, project manager, project leader, program manager, different leadership positions, and sales manager, I now know exactly what it takes.

Career is something that can be planned. I know that everyone can make significant professional progress in a short period of time. I will help you and guide you on your way.